Only the Best is Good Enough.

Education is the most powerful weapon that can transform lives. Suthermere Preparatory School understands this and delivers the best education. At Suthermere Preparatory School, we have small classes, effective learning programme, home work programme, aftercare programme – all housed in a friendly environment. Your child gains new knowledge and insights during every single day spent at Suthermene. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of primary level training in a manner and environment which maximizes the student’s confidence in his/her abilities. This, we believe, will maximize his/her potential as a child, an adolescent, an adult and ultimately as a citizen of the world.

Our intense GSAT programme has won laurels. Our alumni have joined top traditional high schools and received Government Scholarships. Our facility is equipped with a computer lab and offers special activities such as Spanish, Music, Swimming, Karate, Clubs, Football, Netball. Track and Field and Cricket has been added to the extra curricular activities. We invite you today to become a part of the Suthermere family where we solemnly believe “only the best is good enough”.

Government Scholarships.


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